History of Pankaj Glass: We are into glass manufacturing business since 1945 in INDIA from the name of Advance Group of Glass Industries. 

We manufacture: Press glass tumblers, perfume bottles, lamp glass, cosmetic bottles, thermos refill, headlight lenses, glass handicrafts and all kinds of glass products both white and colored. 

Pankaj glass is an extension plant of Advance Group of Glass Industries, which came into existence very recently in the month of September 06 to contribute to the Glass Industry.

This is a 100% automatic plant induced with the latest technology and 100% pollution free as our furnace works on natural gas. 

Company Profile: 

Pankaj glass Works was set up in the month of September by three families as promoters:

1) Shri Bal Krishan Gupta family 
Shri Subhash Chandra family
3) Shri Anuj Bansal family.

To manufacture glass bottles and tumblers and named the brand as BOSS.

All the Directors of Pankaj glass i.e. Mr. Pradeep Kumar Gupta, Mr. Subhash Chandra Agarwal, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Agarwal and Mr. Anuj Bansal are having good market reputation and have rich experience of business and glass industry.
Mr. Sreepuram Devdass (Senior Manager, Plant) having rich experience of 23yrs in the glass industry and Mr. Thomas Varghese, having rich experience of 32yrs in the glass industry.

Vision and Philosophy: 

To become the leading manufacturer of glass tumblers and glass bottles for perfumes and cosmetics by being class apart in sustainable safety, health and environmental performance.

We think that glass should be as clear as water and attractive as diamond. So, we continuously make an effort to produce glass of high quality with proper coordination and efforts of our technical and management team. 


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