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About Pankaj Glass Works


We know where we come from – and that’s why we keep our feet on the ground!

M/S Pankaj Glass Works Limited is an operational enterprise that was set up with the Registrar of Companies in Kanpur on October 13, 1995. Company identification number (CIN) U26109DL2005PLC141687. The company has a PAN number of AADCP7333D and is also registered with the income tax department. The company’s operations are in the care of the present directors Shri Parag Gupta, Shri Sonil Jain, Shri Sulabh Agarwal, and Shri Vikas Bansal. All of the company’s promoters are well-regarded as a family and as individuals in the Firozabad social community and business community.

Quality Competence

Luxury that you can hold. 

With our sharp eye to detail, M/S Pankaj Glass Works Ltd. as a brand is globally renowned for its finesse. Our expertise in glass packaging caters to industries across the board. High-end cosmetics, distilleries, topnotch perfumeries and stunning tablewares you’ll find in hotels and restaurants are a few of the many ends our products meet. 

Values & Culture

The continued success of M/s Pankaj Glass Works Ltd., in our opinion, is based on every employee having a shared understanding of the corporate culture.

A shared heritage and the values that are followed openly foster a sense of belonging and establish a framework for daily duties. Our core interests bind us together across our network and empower the employees as M/S Pankaj Glass Works Ltd. to maximize the scope of growth within and beyond borders. We have incorporated the tenets of our culture to our code of conduct in addition to company ethos.


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